Seasoned Spirituality

Fr Rodney Kissinger, S.J.

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Fr. Rodney Kissinger, S.J. who is 103 years youmg, has been a Jesuit for over 76 years and a priest for over 65 years. His seasoned spirituality is the fruit of more than 60 years of making and giving the Spiritual Exercises in all of its formats to priests, religious and laity. It is presented not in the jargon of academia but in a language that everyone can understand. He is neither “old breed” nor “new breed,” he is just “half breed.” Having studied both the old theology and the new theology he is convinced that the continuity is so great that you cannot understand the new until you have mastered the old.

“Seasoned Spirituality” is not an intellectual pursuit but a pursuit of the heart, the realization of the simple truth, the discovery of the obvious, that is salutary and life-changing. It holds that the division of reality into the sacred and the secular is a false dichotomy which produces a departmentalized life. Discernment, decision and action must be woven into the fabric of everyday life so that we become contemplatives in action. Besides the strong winds of Pentecost there are the gentle breezes of the present moment.


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